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Ed Sander

CRM/Database Marketeer and China blogger/lecturer @ ChinaTalk.nl.

As an international volunteer Ed Sander worked as a marketing consultant for local NGO’s in Xi’an from 2011 to 2013. During that period he started blogging about China’s e-commerce and social media

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Yixuan Li

Online Media Specialist at Digital Power

A native Chinese who is well-versed in global marketplace, Yixuan Li has worked as a consultant for international brands in the United States, China, Japan and Europe in the sector of social media marketing,

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Lu Chen_ZW

Lu Chen

General Manager China, dBOD

Lu Chen is the General Manager of dBOD in China. dBOD is an award-winning design agency specializing in branding, and packaging.

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Gerrit van der Veer_ZW

Prof. Dr. Gerrit van der Veer

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Shanshan Cao

Sr. Market Analyst, Newzoo

Shanshan Cao is the Sr. Market Analyst China of Newzoo, the global leader in games, esports and mobile intelligence with its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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Hans Moleman

Former China correspondent for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

Hans develops journalism projects from his new hometown of Maastricht, after spending 15 years abroad.

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