Former China correspondent for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

Hans Moleman

Hans develops journalism projects from his new hometown of Maastricht, after spending 15 years abroad.
He was a foreign correspondent for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and Belgian daily De Morgen in Southern Africa (1997-2003, Johannesburg) and China (2004-2013, Shanghai). Earlier he worked as a reporter at the socio-economic desk of the Volkskrant in Amsterdam and with Dutch newsagency ANP in Utrecht.

De Rode Miljardair -The Red Billionaire-, his book on Jack Ma, Alibaba and the Chinese internet, was published last summer by Lias publishers in Hilversum.

Hans is currently working on Made in Afrika, a project supported by the European Journalism Centre and the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. MiA focuses on new industrial development in countries like Ethiopia and Zambia.